Company profil

Since 2010, Corporate Engineering has developed creative and practice-oriented solutions in mechanical engineering. Core competencies are “packaging technology” and “paper converting”. Managing Director Martin Dennert brings along more than two dozen years of construction experience for the following sectors: paper converting, machines for production of hygiene articles, packaging technology and general mechanical engineering.

Due to a centrally located office near Koblenz (central Germany), companies in the North and South of Germany can be easily frequented: for work meetings, multiday presence on-site or even the lead of projects. International projects with English as a working langugae are being handled on routine. Regularly clients like to use the main office of Corporate Engineering in Brey (Koblenz) for multinational work meetings. Corporate Engineering effectively and reliably meets both urgent short term demand as well as projects lasting up to one year.

Our aim and standard is to always strive for a reliable and open cooperation with regular customers. Due to internal recommendation, Corporate Engineering often serves several subsidiaries or branches of one major company. Enquiries by new companies from the paper, packaging or special machineries are always welcome. We are motivated by each new request to again prove our excellency in mechanical engineering.